Systems for the assembly and soldering of Through Hole components and SMD

Reflow ovens, wave soldering and selective soldering machines

ITW/EAE Vitronics Soltec – The Netherlands

PCB cleaning machines.

ITW/EAE Electrovert – USA

Dispensing needles and microvalves

DL Technologies - USA

Liquid dispensing systems for SMD epoxies, solder pastes, gasketing materials etc

ITW/EAE, Camelot - USA

Screen printing machines for solder pastes and epoxies


Automatic SMD pick & place machines.

Mycronic - Sweden

Real time thermal profiling and process monitoring systems for Convection reflow ovens and wave solder machines

KIC thermal profiling - USA

Large capacity automatic storage systems for SMD components

Large capacity automatic storage systems for SMD components

Essegi Automation, Storage Solutions - Italy

AOI, SPI and X-Ray SMD counting systems

X-Ray components counting systems

Nordson Dage – Germany

Automatic Optical Inspection of components and solder joints on assembled PCBs Automatic Solder Paste Inspection systems

CyberOptics Corporation - USA

Assembly and test systems for the microelectronics, opto-electronics and photonics industries. Optical fiber communication components, LIDAR systems and cameras production

Machines for Sintering bonding and Scanning Acoustic Microscopy systems

AMX-Automatrix, Italy

Automatic die bonders and die sorting systems.

Besi Austria GmbH (former Datacon Technology GmbH)

High speed Die bonders and flip chip bonders

Besi Switzerland AG (former ESEC Ltd.)

Molding and sawing systems.

Besi Netherlands B.V. (former Fico B.V.)

Adhesives and materials for adhesion applications for hardening in UV and heat

Delo Germany

Fibers alignment systems. Micro-optics automatic assembly systems with passive and active alignment. Automatic dies and odd-form components assembly and testing. Optical packages sealing systems by laser welding.

ficonTEC Service GmbH – Germany

Plasma cleaning, etching, activation and Nanocoating systems

Europlasma NV – Belgium

Automatic wire bonding systems

Kulicke & Soffa Inc - USA

Seam Sealing systems

Amada Weld Tech

Bond testing and micro materials testing systems

Nordson Dage - UK

Wafer level and dies bumping, laser bonding, packaging equipment and services

PAC TECH packaging technologies GmbH - Germany

Semiautomatic die bonders and die sorters. Manual die ejectors

SEC- Semiconductor Equipment Corporation – USA

Fluxless/void free vacuum/pressure soldering ovens High vacuum ovens with Geter activation function

SST Vacuum Reflow Ovens - USA

Optronic products assembly and test systems

Micro-optics automatic assembly systems with passive and active alignment Laser bars/dies stacking/unstacking systems with automatic optical inspection. Laser welding systems of optical packages.

ficonTEC Service GmbH – Germany

Lasers burn-in and life test systems

YELO Ltd. – Northern Ireland

Customized machines for specific assembly, welding and test applications

Assembly and test machines manufactured to customer requirements

ficonTEC Service GmbH – Germany

Hyperspectral imaging systems and IR cameras

Hyperspectral imaging systems with FT-IR technology for remote sensingFast IR cameras. 1000fpsHigh resolution IR cameras 1280X1024 pixels

Telops Inc. – Canada and USA